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Have You Eaten?

Recently I had a conversation with my friend who asked a lady “have you eaten?”and he didn’t get a favourable reaction/response.

I am sure some of us would be richer than Bill Gates if we are given a dollar every time we have been asked this question. It doesn’t even matter from who, no one is above asking or being asked this question. We just keep asking. 

In the past I found this question annoying. I don’t know which one I hated most, have you eaten? or did you go to church today? It gets me thinking. Why are you asking? Will you give me food? 

Is it such a bad question?

No it isn’t. With time I realised it is not a bad question, so I began to appreciate it from the ones I love. It isn’t a literal question, it is the Nigerian way of saying so many things. Your mum may never tell you she loves you or cares for you directly, but she would always ask if you have eaten/had your bath.

What to do…

Next time you are asked this question, don’t see a plate of rice and dodo.

Just think of it as a show of love and care. If you haven’t eaten, it is okay to say you haven’t with a reason and it is also perfect if he tells you to go find something to eat.

Guys should not take every negative answer as a wrong signal. Sometimes ladies have actually not eaten. It doesn’t mean they want urgent 2k.

Nigeria is a 3rd world country where food is a problem. So it isn’t shocking that a question like this would become a norm amongst us, just as some foreigners would probably ask themselves about the weather.

For people that don’t like it, I think the mature thing to do is find a way to make this clear- that way we don’t misunderstand ourselves and complicate things further.


I identified  five (5) groups on this table…

1- People that don’t ask and hate to be asked.

2- People that ask to show love and care.

3- People that ask because they know food is a problem in Nigeria.

4- People that ask to keep the conversation going.

5- People that just ask. It is one of those questions to ask. Comes right after “how are you?”

So, have you eaten? I had this delicious meal for breakfast.


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