Amala Sky Lagos…

Amala Sky Lagos (my experience) is a review of my order from the unacknowledged branch of the famous Ibadan amala joint that made its grand entry to Lagos, Nigeria on the 1st of June, 2021.

I am an amala lover, but it took me quite some time to try out this eatery and when I finally did, hmmm.


On that fateful day I decided to order from Amala Sky, Lekki.

I started making my order by a few minutes to 11 and concluded at 11:06am.

My order below;

  • Efo riri and two goat meat.
  • Ewedu and assorted (fuku, shaki, roundabout), kpomo and one bokoto.
  • 5 wraps of amala.

By 12:14pm I get a message from their IG handler that the rider has been calling me and he said my number is unreachable. I said that is not possible, but then who knows – let’s blame my network provider. 

They gave me  the dispatch rider’s number at my request and  I called but he wasn’t picking. Before I could call back, the IG handler started calling me on video. This was “offensive” to me because you don’t know where I am, so why call on VIDEO? 


Next the WhatsApp handler starts calling me. I picked and couldn’t hear her. I was already rushing out at this point and I felt harassed.

Got outside and there was no dispatch rider in sight. I call again and he picks this time. Starts shouting about how he has been waiting for the past 30 mins and I was unreachable. I told him I was outside and I can’t see anyone like him. “Where are you, Sir?” He said he is at Zenith Bank, VI. I don’t stay/work there and I am sure I didn’t give Zenith Bank as my address. He suggests he brings it to me at my location and I told him there is no guarantee the food you are with is mine, so you have to report back to the restaurant and I will do the same.

I reported back to their IG and WhatsApp handlers immediately and they apologized for the mixup.


by 1:29pm, TWO HOURS and a few minutes later, a dispatch rider arrived with my food.

My ewedu was spilled. The efo riro plate was squashed and all the oil had spilled out too. I wish I had some of my one pot stew to top it.

My meat was incomplete.

They gave me bone as goat meat and the hoof of the cow as bokoto.

The hoof they gave me as bokoto

I have never seen a hard fuku in my life until I ordered from them. Hahahahahaha!

The amala had gotten soaked in the spilled oil.

See my amala😩😩😩

Took pictures of the mess and sent to them expressing my displeasure. They apologized profusely. However, I was still very angry. This is N5,350 and the second plate wasn’t even for me.

Decided to report them to a food critic because I couldn’t let it slide.

Few hours later they contacted me again and apologized. This time they offered a complimentary order.

They sent the complimentary order by 11:51am the next day and it came properly sealed, complete and with extra meat. I appreciate this move by them.

Properly sealed

Would I visit or order again? I doubt I would. Was the food worth the hype? I’ll say NO. However, to give them some credit, their social media handlers are VERY HELPFUL and COURTEOUS.

Ever patronized them? What was your experience? Please message me on Instagram @ a_lazy_cook_gram.