Chicken Curry Sauce

Chicken Curry sauce is one dish I learned to make as a teenager but never got to replicate until I was an adult. I learned it from this Urbobo secondary school mate.I remember going to their house and they fixed it for us in a few minutes. They were just teens and I was impressed. I quickly noted the ingredients and process, but I would have been doomed to tell my mum I needed precious “Christmas” chicken to cook stew with flour as a thickener. Lol!

Today I will share my recipe with you and some tricks I have used to achieve better taste.

If you want to stick to tomatoes stew, you can check HERE.


– Live chicken (cleaned and chopped into smaller parts)

– Vegetables of your choice. I used carrot, green pea, red bell pepper, green bell pepper and spring onions.

– Vegetable oil

– Light soy sauce

– Dark soy sauce

– Cornstarch or all purpose flour

– Onions

– Scotch bonnet

– Seasoning cubes

– Curry

– Thyme

– Fresh ginger and garlic

– Salt


1)I used live chicken because I have come to realise it is tastier. It also gives a richer stock and more natural colour. 


  1. Wash and chop the vegetables into your preferred sizes.
  2. Wash the chicken and leave to drain in a sieve.
  3. Peel your garlic, ginger and onions. Dice and put into a small mortar. Add Scotch bonnet and pound all together. This is how I make my spices penetrate the chicken, I don’t just slice them. I blend or pound.


STEP 1: Place the chicken in a pot and season with the pounded spices, seasonings cubes, curry, thyme and a little salt. Add some water and put on heat to cook.

Ready for cooking

STEP 2: When the chicken is cooked, place another pot on heat. Put a little oil and let it heat up. Next you sauté the onions, then the vegetables. Add some curry, thyme, dark and light soy sauce to this. Fry until it goes limp a bit.

Notice the limpness of the vegetables?

STEP 3: Pour in the chicken and stock. Give a good stir and check for seasoning. If you seasoned your chicken right, you may not need more seasoning cubes, just a little salt to sharpen the taste. But feel free to add more seasoning cubes if the need arises. Leave to boil.

STEP 4: Mix cornstarch in a bowl.

I used two and half tsp. It should be runny. Once the pot starts boiling, pour in the cornstarch and stir. Allow to boil again, turn off heat and your sauce is ready.

You can serve it with rice.


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