Edikan Ikong Soup

Edikan Ikong soup is a soup native to the Ibibios and Efiks, being people from Akwa Ibom and Cross River State. There is a general notion that edikan ikong soup is a highly nutritious soup and this is due to the fact that it is made with a generous amount of pumpkin leaves and water leaves. 

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– Water leaf

– Pumpkin leaf

– Meat (I used beef, kpomo, little goat meat and assorted)

– Stockfish

– Dry fish

– Scotch bonnet (yellow and red)

– Palm oil

– Periwinkle

– Ground prawn

– Seasoning cubes

– Salt


1) Pick the pumpkin leaves and water leaves. Slice them thinly. I suggest the water leaves should be higher in size or at par with the pumpkin leaves.

2) Wash all the meat and leave to drain.

3) Soak the dry fish in hot water and debone it. Wash the stockfish with warm water too.

4) Blend the pepper and onions together. 


STEP 1: Put the meat and stockfish in a pot. Add seasoning cubes and a little of the pepper and onions blend. Mix properly and set on heat. PLEASE DO NOT PUT WATER IN IT. This would allow the meat to cook in its own juice and come out tastier.

STEP 2: When the meat has produced its own juice, add a cup of water and allow it to cook on low heat till it’s tender. The water should also be almost dried up as the only liquid in your edikan ikong should be the palm oil. Once you achieve that, put in your palm oil, remaining pepper and onions paste, dry fish and grounded prawn. Stir and leave to boil for about 10mins, so everything, especially the oil can blend together. DON’T FORGET TO STIR OCCASIONALLY TO PREVENT BURNING.

STEP 3: When the ingredients in STEP 2 have blended well, put in the water leaves, stir, cover and leave to boil. This would allow it to release its water content. Leave for about 3mins…

STEP 4: Add the pumpkin leaves.

Stir, then put in the periwinkles.

Stir again. I added more ground prawn at this stage, just to sharpen the taste. Put off the heat after a minute, vegetables shouldn’t be overcooked, it can finish off with residual heat.

What will you have this with?

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