One Pot Tomatoes Stew

Like the name implies, One Pot Tomato Stew is a stewing method where everything is done in one pot and in quick succession. This stewing method would serve people who are allergic to frying their tomatoes. I am for the frying method, but after I tried this, I can boldly say it is just as good. I would still stick to the frying method!

If you are pro-frying and so averse to this method, I have other stew recipes, HERE and HERE


– Tomato

– Tatashe

– Rodo

– Cow leg

– Shaki

– Chicken

– Panla fish

– Garlic

– Ginger

– Curry

– Thyme

– Vegetable oil

– Seasoning cubes

– Salt

I used a mix of tatashe, tomato and rodo.

Question Time…
How do you fry your fish?
Do you boil before frying or just fry directly?

For this fish, I marinated first, then I coated it with cornflour and fried it directly.


1) Wash tomatoes, tatashe and scotch bonnet. Please take out the seeds in the tatashe, else you would be left with a bitter stew. 

2) Peel onions and add to (1).

3) Blend the mix in (1) together. I rough-blended mine because I don’t like my stew smooth. You can smooth blend yours if that is how you like it.

4) Pound/blend ginger and garlic separately and set aside. This would be added later to sharpen the taste of the stew. If you have ginger and garlic paste/powder, you can use that too.


STEP 1: Season your meat and cook thoroughly until it is tender. I started with the cow leg and shaki. After that I added the chicken and took it out when it was done. 

NOTE: I seasoned my meat with garlic, ginger and onion paste. That is asides seasoning cubes, curry and thyme. I didn’t add salt!

In a nonstick pan, I heated some vegetable oil and fried the chicken and fish.

STEP 2: When the meat is tender and about a cup of stock remains, pour in the tomato blend. It is important some stock is remaining as this would help the tomato blend come out tasty. 

Stir the mixture and boil until you achieve this.

STEP 3: Add curry, thyme, onions, garlic, ginger, seasoning cubes, salt and some vegetable oil. Stir well, cover and leave to boil. 

You can add some water if it is so thick and leave to boil again.

Getting set

STEP 4: Now I added my fried fish and chicken. Allow to simmer on low heat and turn it off in two minutes.

Do you like it or not?

Would you try this?

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