Peppered Goat Meat (Asun)

I found this peppered goat meat (Asun) recipe in my notes and I wondered why I didn’t build on it or share it. Maybe because I didn’t fully capture the whole process. I always feel guilty when I don’t get all the pictures, I like to be as clear and detailed as possible, soft me. 

Asun tastes better when made with smoked goat meat. In fact, I was taught to make it with that for its original flavour, but if you don’t get that or have the means to smoke it yourself, you can deep fry first. It is also infused with lots of pepper, a very spicy dish, no wahala, Nigerians can handle that. 

You can use asun as a side for rice or just take it like that with any chilled drink of your choice.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but if you follow this recipe carefully, you will get a good result.


– Cooked and grilled goat meat

– Onions

– Scotch bonnet 

– Bell pepper (green and red)

– Seasoning cubes

– Salt


STEP 1: Rough blend or chop the pepper and onions you would be using. Don’t rough blend the bell peppers, slice those ones.

After that you cut the grilled meat into sizable chunks, except you want it otherwise. 

STEP 2: Set a pot, wok or saucepan on fire. Anything deep to enable you to fry and stir properly without spillage. When it is hot, add the vegetable oil and let it heat up. 

Now you add the peppers and onions, seasoning and a little salt. Allow it to fry till it loses its water content. 

STEP 3: Add the chopped meats, stir and mix properly. Allow it to fry for some minutes.

STEP 4: Add the bell pepper, stir again and give it some minutes.

Your asun is ready. Had mine with rice…

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